Euro 4 5 6 DPF diesel particulate filter

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) is also called wall flow filter, whose materials are cordierite or silicon carbide. It adopt opening and blocking up passages in both ends and the exhaust gas flow through the porous beehive wall to filter particles, can effectively remove particulate matter(PM) and soot from diesel engine exhaust emission, its efficiency for carbon particulates filtration is more than 90%.

Diesel particulate filter can be widely used in different industrial fields such as transportation, generating units, engineering machinery and metallurgy etc. The system installed diesel particulate filter been examined for urban bus, forklift, truck & mining constructing equipment.

Advantage of diesel particulate filter

  1. Low pressure drop.
  2. Low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  3. Good thermal shock resistance.
  4. High temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical corrosion.
  5. High porosity, pore size distribution uniform, high filter specific surface area.
  6. Long-term durability performance.
  7. High particulate trapping efficiency, suitable for all kinds of regeneration.

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Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF)

The most common filter is made of cordierite. Cordierite filters provide excellent filtration efficiency, are relatively inexpensive (comparison with Sic wall flow filter). The major drawback is that cordierite has a relatively low melting point.

Physical Properties:

Property (uncatalyzed) 100/17 200/12
Cell density cpsi 100 200
cpscm 15.5 31.0
Wall thickness inch 0.017 0.012
mm 0.432 0.305
Open frontal area (OFA), % 34.5 34.5
Geometric surface area (GSA) Inch2 33.3 47.0
m2/l 1.31 1.85
Hydraulic diameter Inch 0.083 0.059
mm 2.11 1.49
Modulus of rupture (psi/cpscm) 350 300
Porosity (%) 48 48
Coefficient of thermal expansion

102 cm/cm/ (20-800) –maximum average

5 5
Mean pore size (micron) 13 13
Melting temperature () 1460



Item Size (in/mm) Length (mm) CPSI Material Shape
LS-D01 93mm (3.66”) ≤200 100-200 cordierite & SiC round
LS-D02 100mm (3.94”)
LS-D03 118.4mm (4.66”)
LS-D04 127mm (5”)
LS-D05 143.8mm (5.66”)
LS-D06 149.8mm (5.9”)
LS-D07 190.5mm (7.5”)
LS-D08 228mm (9”)
LS-D09 241.3mm (9.5”)
LS-D10 266.7mm (10.5”)
LS-D11 286mm (11.25”)
LS-D12 304.8mm (12”)
LS-D13 330.2mm (13”)
LS-D14 144.8×81.3mm (5.7×3.2”) oval
LS-D15 145x118mm (5.71×4.66”)
LS-D16 154.9x127mm (6.1×5”)
LS-D17 188x103mm (7.4×4.06”)
LS-D18 191.8×95.8mm (7.55×3.77”)
S-D19 190.5x134mm (7.5×5.28”)
LS-D20 207×101.4mm (8.15×3.99”)

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