Product Description

Ceramic Diesel Oxidation Catalysts used in marine diesel engine as catalytic converter

Cordierite ceramic DOC are one of the most reliable way to reduce pollutants of diesel particulate emissions. DOC technology controls emissions of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM) from diesel vehicles.
Our Cordierite ceramic DOC are made of cordierite material, which is raw material molding and synthesized cordierite after burning. DOC’s channels are unimpeded, the exhaust gas can flow it smoothly, then HC, CO, PM are oxidized rapidly under the catalyst (precious metal), noxious emission are reduced effectively and reach emission standard.

Product Highlights:

1.Low coefficient of thermal expansion (TEC), good thermal shock resistance.
2.Good water absorption with small fluctuation, strong sorption for catalysts, high surface area.
3.Low material density, rapid light-off, low pressure drop, high conversion rate.
4.High surface area, high CPSI, thin wall, low back pressure, high compressive strength.

Product Applications:

Ceramic Honeycomb Monolith DOC can be used in Light bus, City bus, Medium truck, Heavy truck, Delivery vans, Sanitation trucks, Construction trucks and so on.

For example, in Hong Kong thousands of delivery vans, sanitation trucks, pieces of construction equipment and other diesel vehicles have been retrofitted with DOC technology under a program administered by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Ceramic Honeycomb Monolith DOC’ Working Principle

DOC’s oxidation theory is same as gasoline engines, after coating with precious metal, has excellent performance in light bus, city bus, medium truck and heavy truck applications, and it is also currently in use on tens of thousands of retrofitted vehicles around the world. It can be reach better purifying effect when it works together with Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF).

Physical & Chemical Properties

Items Index Test Methods
Chemical Composition Al2O3 35.20% Chemical Analysis
SiO2 50.90%
MgO 13.90%
Cordierite Crystal Phase ≥90% X-ray diffraction
Wall Thickness mm 300 cpsi 0.23 mm Vernier Caliper
400 cpsi 0.16 mm
Compression Strength at Room Temperature Lengthways ≥15Mpa Uniersal Material Testing Machine
Horizontal  ≥2Mpa
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (20-800℃) CTE ≤1.2*10-6/℃ Thermal DilaTometer
Water Absorption 23-27% Gravimetric Method
Soften Temperature ≥1400℃ High-temperature Electric Resistance Furnace
Thermal Shock Resistance(indoor temperature -550℃) 550℃ (No Crack After Three times)  Air cooling
Tolerance of Outside Dimensions ±1% Vernier Caliper
Bulk Density 0.4-0.5 KG/L Gravimetric Method

DOC Specification

Items Sectional size in/mm CSA(cross sectional area)  mm2 Sectional Shape CPSI Material High mm
LS-C01 118.4mm(4.66″) 11010 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C02 143.8mm(5.66″) 16286 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C03 150mm(5.9″) 17671 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C04 165mm(6.5″) 21382 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C05 170mm(6.69″) 22697 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C06 175mm(6.89″) 24052 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C07 190mm(7.5″) 28352 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C08 210mm(8.27″) 34635 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C09 228mm(9″) 40828 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C10 241.3mm(9.5″) 45288 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C11 266.7mm(10.5″) 55990 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C12 286mm(11.25″) 64242 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C13 305mm(12″) 73061 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200
LS-C14 330mm(13″) 85529 Round 300-400 Cordierite ≤200

The specification can customized according customers demand

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