Main products: Diesel SCR DOC DPF . Industry SCR denox catalyst , VOC catalyst etc.

Our company was established in 2013. Our company is an environmentally-friendly technology enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service.The company is committed to the research of environmentally friendly new materials for air pollution treatment, specializing in the development and production of low temperature SCR denitration catalysts, DPF DOC catalyst,non-precious metal VOCs catalysts, and precious metal catalysts. The low-temperature SCR denitration catalyst and DPF DOC catalyst produced by our company are leading technology in China, and we have established treatment solutions for different enterprises. It has successively established cooperation with university laboratories such as the Environmental Science College of Beijing Forestry University, Shandong University and Jinan University.
        The company has gathered a group of outstanding talents in technology research and development, production management and market development. It has specially hired the team of Professor Haigui from Oxford University as the company’s chief research and development consultant, specializing in science, chemical engineering and materials. The company has nearly 3,500 square feet of production R&D laboratories and office space, equipped with advanced product development and production equipment.
        The company has established strategic partnerships with a number of companies, achieved cooperation and support, and was rated as “excellent supplier” and “quality strategic partner” by many customers. It has established a good quality product and excellent service. Corporate reputation. Based on the development concept of customer first, honesty, and scientific and technological innovation, our company will wholeheartedly work with you to contribute to building green water and green mountains.